Products & Services


  • Full VIM Solution
  • Full FSC Solution
  • EZ One-Button click functions
  • Factory Data editor (Serial,MAC,etc.)
  • Component Protection Unlock
  • Region Change
  • Repair of non-working units
  • Electronic schematics / repair instructions
  • Chip dumps
  • Automatic / Easy (one-click button mode)
  • MGU support: on bench programming/modification/repair
  • And much more…

BMW AIO E/F HU Emulator

  • E-NBT mode
  • F-NBT mode
  • Bench Wakeup mode with Custom VIN
  • option: GPS emulator
  • option: MOST port*
  • 3 year warranty


  • Flash ANY ECU via OBD2
  • Flash custom firmware (modify keys, maps, certificates, etc …)
  • No disassembly of any kind
  • No ECU physical access needed
  • 3 year warranty on interface
  • 1 year of free software updates

Software Development

As we had full support of our mother-company and its team of software engineers specialized in fields of low level programming and operating systems, we were able to develop our own libraries and drivers for all of our Automotive projects.

Hardware Development

Custom embedded devices for automotive industry. While still in long-lasting exploring phase, we got to develop many solutions for many problems we encountered. If you are in need for a PCB or Electronic design for your project, we may be able to assist you and offer some of our solutions.

Prototyping Laboratory

We are able to produce turn-key prototypes on your request. Have an idea ? Feel free to contact us, with our team of hardware and software engineers we may find solution that fits your plans.

Consulting & SUPPORT

Get in touch with us, we can offer support for your workshop or standalone project. Our team of experienced staff will be able to assist you and give advice no matter the problem.